Monday, April 16, 2012


I feel that a big part of running a business here in Fenton is to give back to the community that gives us so much. Not only am I a regular patron of so many local businesses, I also do my best to attend local community events, participate in everything that my schedule allows for and spread the word about new and upcoming businesses. I believe that "A rising tide lifts all boats" and work that philosophy into my daily choices.

But sometimes that is just not enough and 3 years ago, Cafe of LIFE and Simple (which has since been sold) spear-headed an Earth Day Cleanup project. Our first year we attracted around 15 people to help us. We gathered a planning crew for 2011 and attracted close to 80 people for our spring cleaning project. With even more momentum going into this year's event, 2012 is looking like a great time to really make a difference. I have noticed that the efforts of last year have had lasting effects and we do not see the amount of trash on our streets like last year. This is proof positive that we are making a difference.

Come and join us this year as we take to the streets and give Fenton a fresh start for spring. You will see fliers around town however I want to make sure you have an idea of how this all works. The even is scheduled for Saturday, April 21st 9am-noon. Meet us at Cafe of LIFE Chiropractic Center at 521 N. Leroy St which is 1.5 blocks north of the Fenton Hotel, across from Legacy Realty and Dewey's Automotive. We will provide biodegradable gloves and bags and send you towards a location in town. Scour the area picking up trash and there will be several drop-off locations provided around the city. We have volunteer pick-up drivers that will bring those bags back to the Cafe of LIFE. Stay for all 3 hours or just a part of it, all help is welcomed. We will have food, water and some kids activities at Cafe of LIFE.

We are hoping for sunny skies but this event will happen rain or shine. Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring your own gloves if you want and dress in layers so you can handle the weather. If you are unable to join us and you happen to be driving around on Saturday morning and see our people out filling bags, make sure to at least honk and wave to show your support...and mark to down on your calendars to join us next time around.

Hope to see you Saturday! If you have any questions or concerns...please feel free to email me at or give us a call at the Cafe of LIFE at (810)629-6023.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


This is a quick link to a short write-up about our 3RD ANNUAL EARTH DAY CLEANUP. Come join us on Saturday April 21st 9a-noon. We will provide bags and gloves and a take home gift for all those who volunteer some of their time to our CLEANUP efforts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cafe of LIFE by phone at (810)629-6023 or email We hope to see you on APRIL 21st!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


There is a song that runs through my mind lately, mostly because I have heard it so much on my Rusted Root Pandora Station (a highly recommended station, by the way), but also because after I hear it, my mind ponders the message for quite some time. It goes something like this...

"You can't always get what you want.
You can't always get what you want.
You can't always get what you want.
But if you try just might find...

I have had some very interesting life lessons over the past years, as I am sure we all have. I have a strong conviction that although we are presented with most things that are WAY outside our control, by the use of gratitude and a strong focus on what we want, we are powerful creators of our lives and experiences. I also realize that sometimes the things that we think we want in our lives or experiences that we want to have happen, are very limiting in the grand scheme of things. There is a much bigger picture to this life than what we can actually see and grasp with our thoughts.

Have you ever sat down and wrote out goals? made a "to do" list? Have you ever thought about what you would like to have happen in 5 years? 10 years? Have you ever quieted down your life enough and heard things come from inside that sounded like "I want a new job." "I want to make more money." "I want to be in a relationship." "I want to be in a different relationship." "I want a new house." "I want a new car." "I want to win the Mega-Millions." Does any of that sound familiar?

What LIFE has taught me is that what we call our "wants" are very limiting. If ALL and ONLY our wants came to fruition, we would live a small life. Now, when I say small, I don't mean that in a negative way, more the idea that it would be limiting, like looking over a lake and seeing that as the only possibility of a large body of water without having any concept of the ocean.

Having a direction and steering life with GRATITUDE can open up limitless possibilities. Our "wants" are one thing...but what happens if you don't get what you "want"? I have a strong faith in the concept that LIFE sends the perfect people, things and experiences to us in the perfect timing in order for us to maximize our potential for learning, growth and evolution. In the moment, it may be very difficult to see the perfection...but most of you have probably experienced that in retrospect it was exactly what you needed. So in other words it is true that..."YOU CAN"T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU...but you just might find YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED!" Be open to the amazing twists and turns of LIFE, take some risks and get outside of your box of "wants"...we only get one chance.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have done my fair share of traveling in my life and have spent a lot of time on planes since I moved home in 2004. I always try to get a window seat because I love seeing what there is to see while we sit and wait for the plane to take off. I am also the one with my nose glued to the glass during portions of the flight and of course the landing. More often than not, prior to take-off I find myself in a daze watching as these huge planes are filled with people and luggage. I am amazed the logistical phenomenon that is our airline systems...I mean really, how on Earth do they get all those bags to the right spots?!?! I marvel in the simple fact that something that big could fly through the air and carry people comfortably from one location to some place completely different. I know our civilization has been flying for years and years, and I myself have taken numerous flights...but I am so fascinated by the concept of flight. Loading up in Detroit in the middle of winter and arriving in Costa Rica, in a totally different country, climate and culture...that is totally awesome!

With how intense (in a good way) my life is at home, coupled with my ability to completely relax on vacation, flying somewhere sometimes feels like getting on a time machine. The last 2 weeks of March was a very intensely stressful time for me. In the middle of the 2 weeks, it just so happened that I had a trip to Colorado planned. I got to a boiling point and since my trip to Colorado was mostly for fun, I almost backed out of going. After asking a bunch of questions and weighing a few things, I decided to go...and what perfect timing! I left the crazy chaos going on here and as soon as I sat down on the plane, it all melted away. In a short 2.5 hour plane ride, I was half way across the country, with great friends, beautiful sunshine and peace of mind to enjoy the weekend. It truly is amazing to "sit in a chair in the air" and end up thousands of miles away. The following link is one of my favorites...half way through is when he starts his discussion about flight and he hits the nail on the head...I laugh so hard every time I watch this.

His whole concept of "Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy" is so right on. Take a look around and find a little something to be amazed by and grateful for. So many of the thigns around you are absolutely amazing...even the simple fact that I can write this blog sitting at my desk and my Grandmother can read it from her home in Florida...and you can read it from wherever you are!! This LIFE truly is AMAZING!!! ...and we only get one chance.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Some days I a reminded of how absolutely wonderful my family was one of those days. My Grandma Peabody passed peacefully last Friday and today was her funeral and life celebration. I have been in a gratitude state of mind through the whole transitioning process for the past couple weeks. She had suffered from heart challenges and her mind was slipping over the past years and I am grateful she is liberated from her failing body. I am grateful to live close to her and spend time with her through it all and especially over the past week. I am grateful for my family and the time we have shared and of course the time we spent together today.

Though in this gratitude state of mind, I knew deep down inside there was a really strong sadness. I am able to hold it all together and go about my life and business, and as long as that stuff is calling my attention, I can stay in gratitude. I was in my practice this morning until noon and the condolences just kept coming and for that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I got changed and jumped into my car and decided to stop and grab a quick bite to eat. I ran into a friend while doing so and another gracious "I'm so sorry for your loss." I got back into my car and tried to eat and that is when it hit me. I was about to meet my family at the church and say "Good-Bye" to my Grandmother one last time.

I haven't dealt with much death in my life up to this point. Prior to today, I could only speculate how I was going to respond to the situation. But if you know me, I am a pretty sensitive gal and I was a little startled at how much emoting my body needed to do and no better place then right there with some of the people that love me the most. It was a really wonderful thing to hold my nephew during portions of the service who is brand new on this Earth and the dichotomy of that experience. There were a lot of people present at her funeral to celebrate her and how she touched them in some way.

I tend to be one of few questions and spend a lot of my time in silent observation. I loved to listen to her stories and look at pictures but I never knew how to ask questions that would begin the stories. Today, an aunt and uncle stood up and shared her life with everyone and that portion really meant a lot to me.

My Grandmother was only 4'11" yet a powerful rock, a kind woman, a natural phenomenon like a rainbow, mother to 9 children, grandmother to 19 and great-grandmother to 14 so far, of Irish decent, raised in Canada, loved the fruit growing business, lover of the arts, nurtured growth in all things, was involved in female empowerment, an artist, a world traveler, had an entrepreneurial spirit, lover of nature, a fabulous cook, welcomed everyone, there was always room for another kid in the house and always room enough for one more at the table, trained as a medical tech, worked on the family farm in Birmingham, met my Grandpa there (stole him from his girlfriend), she was a dreamer, accepting of all humans, involved in numerous committees, lived her life in strong faith, found joy in the success of her children and was a "mirror" for them to discover themselves, a caramel apple connoisseur, a wonderful wife, a loving mother and I actually can hear her distinct voice as I write this blog.

Just a few short days before her death, my aunt was sitting at her bedside and she woke up and wanted to know "What is happening to me?" My Aunt responded, "Mom, you are dying." My Grandmother then said, "But I don't know how to do that." This particular interaction really pulls on my heart strings. At a certain point, I am sure she was uneasy about "Not knowing how to do that." but she sure found a way to do it peacefully and allowed each one of the 33 of us (plus spouses and significant others and friends) join her on that journey the best way we knew how. A little piece of her will grow old again with each one of us and every time I see a rainbow, I will rest well knowing there is one more angel that watches over me in this lifetime. Rest peacefully Grandma and know that you are so loved.

Monday, February 27, 2012


I just love Mondays! There is something so fresh about starting a new week and after such a great weekend, I was ready to rock and roll! One of the first people on my table this morning has had a few weeks of neck pain that he calls "stress neck". In beginning the conversation with him this morning I asked him if he had any fun this past weekend (though I was away, I know we got a lot of snow here in Michigan...and snow=sledding). He responded "actually yes I did have some fun playing outside with the kids this weekend. And the strangest thing, when I got in from playing in the snow, my neck felt great. It was the first time I was pain-free in a few weeks. Then I realized later in the day, something stressful hit me again and I watched the pain set back in."

Hmmmm...interesting. It was really wonderful that he was able to come to this awareness for himself as stress is the culprit of so much that ails our bodies. It is so important to make time for stress-reducing activities as a regular part of our week. We are bombarded with stress on many levels and coming from many different directions on a daily basis. When we are having fun, stress hormones decrease and endorphins (the body's natural "feel good" and healing chemicals) increase. It is necessary to find ways to reduce the stress load and let the body be free. When was the last time you played outside? Have you danced lately? Have you ran around and screamed lately? Have you been chased on the playground? Have you been down a slide lately? Ridden your bike? Played a sport with some friends? or laughed so hard your cheeks and belly hurt? GO DO IT!!! HAVE SOME FUN!!!

I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to taking life seriously. I am a pretty serious and rather stoic for the most part. I have to consciously take time to play and be a kid...and when I do, I feel the most ALIVE!!! Life is so much more fulfilling when we find time to be a kid again. Have you been having some fun? How have you been spending your time? GET OUT THERE AND HAVE MORE FUN!!! ...we only get one chance.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The most amazing thing just happened in my Cafe of LIFE. A severely behaviorly impaired 2.5 year old came into my office for his first visit running and screaming down my halls. He hasn't been listening or speaking to his parents or anyone and is rather "glassed over" when you try to make eye contact. My CA and I were strategizing on how to get this little guy adjusted and knew it was going to have to be a chase him around to make it happen because I will not restrain unless absolutely necessary (which I havent found it necessary yet) I chatted with his parents about what has been going on for him for a while and discussed that I am not going to force him to do anything which means that we may or may not be able to get a good adjustment in today. I wasnt even going to present him with the idea of getting onto a table. I left and adjusted another person in another room and when I returned to the room he was sitting with his back to me on his mom's lap. I started to do really light force work and watched his body unwind. He was fine with that for a bit and got tired of sitting...with zero prompts from me and no information at all about what to do on an adjusting table, he jumped down off his mom's lap and climbed right up on the kids adjusting table and went face down as if to say "I know you are good and I know you can help me...let me make it easier to access my spine and nerve system". It was the most beautiful expression of Innate Intelligence I have ever seen. Life is amazing and being a Chiropractor is just icing on the cake.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I live a very blessed life. It has changed for the better this past month and I know that you can probably tell that is true through my posts. I am amazed, in awe and disbelief that life could possibly be like this. I could try to phrase the story in a way that would make sense on here but it would take pages and pages. Instead...when you have about 20 minutes and a box of tissues...go to and you will see a post called "Happy Valentine's Day 2012" and 4 videos...that was my Heart Day present from my beau this year and I just wanted to share.

I have had an image in life about what I wanted my relationship to look and feel like. I have to admit that over the years, with all that I have been through, it has gotten a little bit jaded. Now when I look back, all the lessons I have learned along the way were totally worth it. "People are put in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime". Many times in the beginning it feels like it is for a lifetime, and then things change. Often things are hard to figure out in the moment, however if we stick with it long enough, the reason usually reveals itself in retrospect. I see it now. I am not naive enough (though I am hopeful) to think that what is happening now will always stay this way...however if the foundation is strong, the ground can stay steady enough to be able to weather the storms together. I think that is what love is really all about.

Friday, January 27, 2012


It's a matter of the heart...yet so much more than that. I want to ask you so many questions to see if any of your experiences match up to what is happening in my life right now, however I do not know what questions to ask that would even give a hint about the happenings.

It feels like this...
I have had a full life already...a life of experiences, living in all kinds of places, hanging out with all
kinds of people, doing a ton of traveling and always in search of rich, rewarding experiences which, along the way has lead me to surfing. I am very athletic and though I do not know if I can really call myself a "surfer", I can say that I have surfed and more than just a few times. When I was growing up, my family and I would travel to Oscoda, MI and rent cabins on the beach for a week every summer. We would play for hours in Lake Huron, well hours as long as the waves were not too high. When I first learned to surf, I had to get over that concept of "if waves get higher than this, it is too dangerous to be in them". I had to re-learn how to be in the water, maneuver the waves and find peace in the chaos as they crash over me. In order to surf on a surfboard, it was important to have much larger waves than that. So I learned to work "with" the water...

Then, with some help of a dear friend, I was able to learn to get out past the break carrying a very large surfboard with me. It is challenging when this board is at least 3 feet taller than I and I am trying to "woman-handle" this thing out past the crashing point. I lost many, many battles and it was tiring to go against the tide. I was able to get up and catch a few decent waves. With help from another, I was able to learn to read the water and to even allow for the rip tide to assist me in conquering the break. Encouraging words and actions and I gained enough confidence to catch my first HUGE wave. I was such an exhilarating experience to paddle into it, catch it, stand and slide down the face of this monstrous wave. It actually was so exhilarating and my body was in such disbelief I was riding such a big wave that I bailed after just a few seconds. Memorable...for sure.

I haven't really had much of a chance to actually surf lately, however when I look back on my surfing experience up to this point, it directly correlates with what was going on with my romantic relationship at the time. During our first Cafe of LIFE Book Club meeting of 2012, I drew a card from a stack that was to answer whatever question I had intentions of getting an answer for. I chose to ask about a romantic relationship for 2012. The answer I received was "You have done your work. It is time to sit back and enjoy the ride." In relating to my surfing analogy, the card said..."You have done the paddling, now just wait for the wave and this time STAY ON THE BOARD AND ENJOY THE RIDE!!!". Within just a few days from really taking in that notion, I caught a wave...and I have to admit, this has been the wildest, most wonderful and amazing ride of my life! It feels really good to be "going with the flow" of life and seems absolutely effortless.

So tell me...have you witnessed the ebb and flow in different areas of life? Have ever given up fighting the ebb and found yourself in the flow? Have tides unexpectedly changed on you? Have you been swimming with the current or against? I have found that the more I share the intention I have and the direction I want to go, the more life smiles on that. I have turned a corner in my life and have decided, in the poetic words of Eddie Vedder, "I'll ride the wave, where it takes me!!" We only get one chance in this lifetime...what is in your heart?

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I have told you about my brothers before but I don't think that I have told you lately how much I love them. We have such a fun, unique relationship now that is pretty rare to find in the world these days. I didn't always feel this way mostly because while growing up, I found myself on the short end of 3 against 1 on almost a daily basis. We have all faced challenges, have lived full lives and somehow along the way became really close. I think it also helps that 2 of them married some of the most amazing women which have also helped to grow our relationships.

Last night was a celebration of family...well a celebration of the winter season and ice, with a huge helping of family on the side. The four of us balance each other really well. We make each other laugh, help each other out and have a real strong appreciation for what each of us brings to the table. There is a loyalty that is like nothing else on Earth. We all feel really lucky that we have made homes within 10 miles of one another and this lends to some good times together. I am glad we are on this journey together, and though I didn't always feel this way, I wouldn't trade them for the world.